Finding the Best Hemp Wholesaler

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Finding the Best Hemp Wholesaler

To become a successful CBD retailer, there are a few things you’ll need to do. In addition to having a solid business plan and a good online storefront, another important factor is finding the best hemp wholesaler.

To become a successful CBD retailer, there are a few things you’ll need to do. In addition to having a solid business plan and a good online storefront, another important factor is finding the best hemp wholesaler. While some CBD companies produce their own products, the costs can be excessive. That’s why wholesaling hemp products is the best approach for most companies who want to get into the industry.

So how exactly do you find the best hemp wholesaler? There are many things to consider- do they carry all the products you need? Are their products legit? Does the price match the quality? Here’s a guide to finding the best hemp wholesaler and what exactly to look for.

Check their Product Range

One of the main things you should look for in a hemp wholesaler is a wide product range. There are now all kinds of different hemp-based CBD products which appeal to different customers. Although you’ll have no problem reselling popular products like Oils and Edibles, selling other niche hemp products can help you stand out ahead of competitors.

Here are a few of the types of products you might want to look for in a wholesaler.

Tinctures - CBD Oils or Tinctures are the most common kind of CBD product. These products use hemp extracts to offer the benefits of cannabidiol in easy-to-use, fast-acting liquid form. Every CBD retailer should stock these as they’re widely sought after by customers.

Edibles - CBD Edibles are also extremely popular among customers, especially as they provide a fun and tasty way to take CBD. They can come in all kinds of forms, such as CBD gummy bears, popcorn, and CBD drinks. The more you have of these the better, as they have huge appeal to new and regular CBD users.

Capsules - CBD Oil Capsules provide an even easier way to administer the effects of CBD Oil. They’re taken simply by swallowing with some water. These are a great product to carry as they stand out as convenient to customers.

Vapeables - Hemp-based vape products are also a fantastic product to sell. They appeal both to CBD users and vape enthusiasts. They come in many flavors and are used with vaporizers to provide the effects of CBD in vapeable form.

Topicals - Many users seek out hemp-based topicals and beauty products. These are said to help with things like pain and inflammation as well as being great for the skin. Things such as CBD Bath Bombs and creams are particularly popular.

Concentrates - CBD concentrates appeal to users who want high-potency CBD in crystal or powder form. They can be used in many ways.

Check their Product Range - Hemp Wholesale

Are Their Products Safe and Tested?

When looking for the right hemp wholesaler, you should also ensure their products are tested. When you buy from a wholesaler which lab tests their products, you can ensure you’re getting safe, legal, high-quality hemp products every time.

Testing isn’t just important for quality purposes, it can also have legal implications. United States laws state that in order to be legal to sell, CBD products must be derived from hemp and have less than 0.3% of THC. A recent study found that only 30.95% of sold CBD products are labeled correctly. This highlights the importance of thorough testing.

Of course, quality assurance also matters. When a wholesaler tests their products, it shows that they’re committed to selling premium CBD. When a wholesaler goes the extra length to ensure you’re getting what you pay for, you can ensure you’re getting your money’s worth with the best hemp products available.

Look for Affordability

Of course, price is also a concern for any hemp reseller. Naturally, your company will want to ensure that you can make a profit and aren’t spending an excessive amount on stock. As such, finding the best hemp wholesaler often entails looking for a wholesaler which offers affordable products.

However, looking for the cheapest products possible isn’t the best approach. When it comes to hemp products, you get what you pay for. Paying extra for products which go through rigorous quality assurance processes can ensure you also get products which will sell well and won’t get you in legal trouble.

The best hemp wholesalers sell premium products at great prices. You’ll often get great discounts when you buy in bulk, which also means you can sell at a significant markup for profit. With the growth of the CBD market, there are now many customers looking for hemp products and there’s a lot of money to be made.

Look for Affordability

Benefits of Using a Hemp Wholesaler

Using a hemp wholesaler is beneficial for any CBD business for numerous reasons. For one, it’s something that can actually save you a lot of money. While some companies might consider taking on production themselves, setting up an efficient production line can be long, costly, and there’s a lot that can go wrong with the products.

Meanwhile, using a wholesaler is fast and efficient. Not only can you get all of the CBD products you need, but you can also ensure you get a regular supply and adjust your stock accordingly to ensure maximum profit.

What’s more, by ordering from a quality wholesaler, you’ll also ensure that you get prime hemp products that have already been tested. You’ll save yourself a lot of hassle and time while also being able to market and sell the best products on the market. All in all, it’s something that can make your business run much more successfully.


Finding the best hemp wholesaler will involve a little research. You’ll want to ensure you get the high-quality products you need at affordable prices. However, when you find the right one, you’ll be able to run your business smoothly without worrying about any extra production costs.

If you’re a company planning to sell CBD products, check out George Town Hemp. All kinds of products are available, and everything is lab tested to ensure the best quality and proper labeling. With a focus on building long-term relationships with hemp and CBD businesses, it’s something that can help your company achieve maximum success.


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