Why Experts Matter? - GTH Presents Professor Randy Eady

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Why Experts Matter?  - GTH Presents Professor Randy Eady

Unfortunately, traits like expert knowledge, ardent advocacy and well-intentioned plant-medicine guidance are scarcely on the scene – as well as hardly adhered to these days. Georgetown Hemp believes Professor Randy Eady’s belief in presence, expertise, and community are integral to the advancement of CBD and long-lasting wellness.


How the connection was made between GTH and Randy (as we know him) was serendipitous. It also speaks on the power of being present and feeling identical energy.

Daniel Simmonds (Founder of Georgetown Hemp) looking to further his knowledge on hemp and CBD, travelled to Germany for his first visit to “The European Industrial Hemp Association – Conference” in 2018. Randy who had experienced the power of the experts at the EIHA conference, also happened to have chosen to return that same year.

While there with a cannabis specialist and friend, Julie, Daniel was speaking on challenges he had with his road to wellness. Right on the conference floor, Julie saw an old friend, who was Randy and made the introduction.  After a brief conversation, Randy found some of Daniel’s own journey with his health were right in his wheelhouse of therapy. This led to a therapy session the next day. Through that session, the lightbulb was lit; Randy and Daniel felt they can work together to bring a well-intended and empathetic feel to people who visit Georgetown Hemp.


It seems like the “cannabis curious culture” has actually inadvertently provided the fodder for “bad actors” to flourish in this gray market. That is working against these ideals of trusted agency and community-empowerment. Experience, backgrounds, and focus matter at GTH.

Randy is a doctor of rehabilitation therapy and GTH’s wellness ambassador. After academia, internship, and residency. Randy transitioned from more traditional medical paths to what may be considered as progressive throughout his career.

One specific inflection point in his career was his tenure as a leader with the United States Air Force where they needed someone who had the ability to work in an unconventional manner to combine physical, occupational, and speech therapy. He found himself specializing in balance and movement disorders with amazing resources to further research on topics such as Phantom Limb Pain Resolution and Energy/Spatial medicine. Through this, Randy got insight on pathways to solutions in symptom response - that doesn’t necessarily need to see why someone has a condition but looking at the nervous system (from inside out) to get someone to a more harmonized state. 

This unique outlook, his background in the medical field, the passion for rehabilitation, and thirst for knowledge is why we believe Randy is another great expert to help us serve our community.


Defined as: “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.”

As a professor, doctor, and wellness ambassador. Randy advocates for patients and health, as well as connecting and learning from others.  At GTH we share that feeling. We want to work with people to tell stories and help them find the best methods to live inspired. The right experts help us properly advocate for our community and provide resources that are steeped in science, empathy of people, and better futures.

“Being open to wisdom from sources a bit beyond ourselves or from sources a bit beyond the narrow worlds to which we often unconsciously constrict ourselves may help to provide answers.” -Randy


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