Where to buy Wholesale CBD

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Where to buy Wholesale CBD

If you want to sell CBD, then it’s a great time to start. CBD is a safe and natural supplement which, according to research, can have many incredible effects. More and more people are starting to use CBD in many forms. In fact, a survey by HelloMD found that 80% of users found CBD to be an effective treatment, and 42% even preferred it over traditional medications. But if you want to sell CBD, it helps to know where to buy wholesale CBD.

The time and effort that goes into manufacturing CBD products on a mass scale can be too much of a hassle for many companies. Luckily, wholesaling provides a simple and affordable alternative which can help any aspiring CBD business. You can buy readymade, high-quality CBD products in bulk and sell them to the growing population of CBD users. Not only is it an industry with big profits, but it’s also something that can make a difference in people’s lives.

However, when it comes to buying wholesale CBD you need to make sure you use the right service. A 2017 study found that only 30.95% of CBD products are correctly labeled. You’ll want to buy from a reputable company with top quality legal CBD. Here’s a guide on where to buy wholesale CBD and why.

Why Should you Sell CBD?

The CBD industry is growing fast, and getting involved is a good idea for anyone who wants a profitable and genuinely helpful business opportunity. Cannabidiol products now come in many forms, including oils, topicals, vape products, and more. Tons of users across America now use these daily. Many other countries also legally allow citizens to use CBD, making it even more widely accessible.

In the past, CBD was illegal in the states due to its association with cannabis. However, recent changes to the Farm Bill make it legal across the country. It’s classified as a dietary supplement, but many users find it to be a great natural remedy for a number of purposes. Market research organization Brightfield Group estimates that the hemp-derived CBD market will blow up to $22 billion by 2022.

Of course, not every company will want to go to the lengths of researching and learning to produce the best hemp products. However, wholesaling offers an affordable way to resell CBD and make high profits. It’s an industry that caters to people of all ages and backgrounds with massive potential for growth, making it a smart business plan for anyone.

Where to buy Wholesale CBD

There are many brands and suppliers of CBD. But when you wholesale CBD, there are a few things you’ll want to look out for. To avoid legal issues, it’s best to sell legal, hemp-based CBD products with less than 0.3% THC. However, you’ll want to make sure you buy from a reputable seller, especially as studies suggest many CBD products are mislabeled.

It’s worth doing your research and finding where you can secure the products you need and have them supplied on a regular basis. You’ll also want to ensure you get consistently high-quality products. Affordability is a factor, but paying more for prime CBD products is always the best bet, especially as these will sell well to customers.

GeorgeTownHemp is an experienced CBD wholesaler with a wide catalog of high-quality CBD products. All of these are hemp-based products which are safe and legal to sell and use. You can browse the range of products in the Online Shop and find exactly what you need, whether that’s CBD Oils, Edibles, Capsules, Topicals or other forms of CBD.

Companies can buy these products in bulk and start making big profits in the CBD industry. GeorgeTownHemp doesn’t just sell these products, but will also look to form a strong business relationship, helping with consulting and marketing advice to ensure your CBD business gets off the ground. If you want the best CBD products and success in the CBD industry, this service can help you.

Why Should you buy Wholesale CBD?

Any CBD business should consider the benefits of wholesale CBD. It’s efficient, easy, and has many other benefits over the alternatives.

CBD businesses do have other options. Some may want to try producing their own range of CBD products. However, this can be laden with difficulties. In addition to the costs of production, producing premium CBD products can be a tough process. You have to ensure every product contains less than 0.3% of THC and is safe to sell legally. Also, with many different kinds of CBD products, it can be difficult to perfect the process for every single one.

Wholesaling can save your company a lot of time and money. Your only cost will be the purchase of CBD products in bulk. However, these can be sold at a markup and make you a good amount of profit. You can also finetune your purchases to stock up on the most popular products and avoid losing out on any money.

It also makes things much more efficient as you can get top quality CBD products to sell without having to go through the manufacturing process yourself. You can sell already established brands to eager customers while you focus on marketing and increasing sales. The amount of CBD users in America and across the world is growing fast, and many will pay good money for high-quality CBD.

Types of CBD Products

People use CBD in many different ways, and there’s a lot of diversity when it comes to CBD products. While everyone will likely be familiar with CBD Oils and Tinctures, there are also CBD Edibles, Topicals, and various other types of CBD which appeal to many users. Here are some of the popular types of CBD products you should consider selling.

types of cbd wholesale

CBD Tinctures - The terms CBD Tincture and CBD Oil are often used interchangeably. These are liquid-based products which you use by applying a small amount under the tongue. You can also use these versatile products by adding CBD tincture to drinks or vape cartridges. Due to the ease-of-use of tinctures, they’re perhaps the most popular way to use CBD and every store should stock them.

There is also a fair bit of difference between tinctures. Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures use the whole of the hemp plant. This means users get the added perks of other cannabinoids and terpenes. Alternatively, some users opt for CBD Isolate Tinctures. These provide pure and potent CBD.

CBD Oil Capsules - Another popular option is CBD Oil Capsules. These provide an even more efficient way to consume CBD Oil, simply by swallowing a capsule with some water. These appeal to users who want a quick and easy way to get a level dose of CBD each day.

CBD Edibles - CBD Edibles are another extremely popular type of CBD product. These are food products infused with cannabidiol, making for a tasty and healthy snack. The novelty of these makes them a favorite for many users, as they can enjoy their favorite treats while also benefiting from added CBD. CBD Gummies are a popular option, although CBD Edibles can come in all kinds of different foods and drinks.

CBD Topicals - CBD Topicals are an interesting type of CBD product. Most CBD products are ingested into the bloodstream, where the cannabidiol goes to work on the body and brain. Topicals, on the other hand, penetrate the skin without reaching the bloodstream.

This means they won’t give any mental or neurological effects, but they can bind to cannabinoid receptors in the skin. Users often use these products for pain, inflammation, and skin problems. Topicals can come in the form of practically any kind of skin product. For instance, you can use CBD body lotions, gels, creams, and sprays.

CBD Vapeables - Many users also enjoy to vape CBD. Vaping provides a smokeless method of consumption which can be relaxing and therapeutic for many. CBD Vapeables such as oils and cartridges can be used with vape pens and vaporizers. These come in many different flavors, which make vaping them very enjoyable, as well as providing the effects of cannabidiol in a fast-acting and easy way.

CBD Concentrates - CBD Concentrates are potent and concentrated forms of CBD. These often come packed with terpenes, which are known to give added benefits. These appeal to users who want a strong form of cannabidiol.

Best CBD Products to Sell

The best approach is to sell many different kinds of CBD products. Different users use CBD in different ways, so while some will prefer CBD Tinctures, Edibles, Topicals, and Vapeables also appeal to many other cannabidiol users. Different CBD products can also be used together, so many people even buy multiple types of CBD.

With that said, there are some CBD products which are usually particularly popular with users. CBD Oil Tinctures often make many sales due to their convenience. Products like CBD Oil Tincture Drops, CBD PM Oil Tincture Spray, and Tincture Essentials Full Spectrum Lemon Lime are all big sellers.

Edibles are also a favorite product for many as they provide a fun way to use CBD. When it comes to CBD Edibles, gummies are the most popular. Not only do they make for delicious snacks, but they also make it easy to control your dose of CBD. Products like CbdMD CBD Gummies and Savage CBD Gummies sell well.

Vaping is a hobby for many, and adding CBD vape oils and cartridges can make it all the more enjoyable. CBD vape products can also be very popular with users, especially with the variety of flavors available. Popular sellers include Vape Starter Kits, Disposable Terpene Infused Vape Pens and Savage CBD Oil.

Another good option is CBD Topicals. These can be applied directly to the body for relief. Many users also like to use topicals in conjunction with other products. Topical products such as CBD Freeze Squeeze, CBD Recover Inflammation Formula, and Topical Relief Gel stand out.

You can find many other popular products in our online shop. Products such as CBD Oil Capsules and Concentrates can also appeal to a wide subset of CBD users and make many sales.

Legality of CBD

The legality of CBD can often be confusing due to conflicting laws when it comes to cannabis and cannabidiol. However, it is legal to sell and use CBD products which come from hemp.

CBD is a cannabinoid which can be found in both marijuana and hemp plants. Cannabis oils often contain high levels of both CBD and THC. However, while marijuana is still illegal in many parts of the United States, hemp CBD products are classified as food supplements, making them legally accessible to everyone.

You don’t need a medical prescription to buy hemp-based CBD products, and as long as they contain less than 0.3% of THC, they’re legal to sell everywhere except Texas. Texas still has some harsh laws against CBD, but these will likely change in time.

Of course, CBD businesses will still need the appropriate licensing to operate as a retailer. However, selling hemp-based CBD is much more hassle-free than selling marijuana-based products and appeals to a huge demographic.


Many entrepreneurs and companies will be looking to get into the CBD industry, especially with its massive projected growth and more and more people finding out about the perks of cannabidiol. With wholesale CBD, you can cut out the hassle and costs of production and have a supply of high-quality CBD products ready to sell to users.

CBD appeals to a wide population. While many see it as a treatment for things like pain, anxiety, stress, and seizures, it can also be useful as a daily supplement. Some people use it for athletic recovery or simply for general effects.

Although cannabis is still illegal to sell and use in many parts of the United States, hemp is legal. As such, there are now many hemp-based CBD products available. These are legally available to everyone with or without a prescription, making them an extremely popular option for people of all ages and backgrounds. Buying wholesale CBD can help you connect a wide customer base to top quality CBD products without the hassle.


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